Arts for Healing

ARTS FOR HEALING now encompasses both our pediatric and elder care work (formerly known as Arts for Alzheimer’s). Under this program’s banner, we work in numerous capacities. On the Pediatric floor of Vassar Brothers Medical Center, we engage children and their families, using creative arts activities to help alleviate the fear and anxiety that accompany their treatments while facilitating the healing process. We also work in elder care facilities, stimulating the minds of those with memory loss issues and Alzheimer’s Disease.

This program has expanded into numerous collaborations over the past year, including an Intergenerational Arts Program partnering senior adults from  Vassar Warner Home (a Senior Living Home in Poughkeepsie) with students from our Habilidad program. Over a six-week period, the young people and seniors worked with artist-educators to create handmade journals, share their experiences and life stories, and create multimedia art based on the stories they have told each other. The program ended with an exhibit at Mill Street Loft.

In 2013, we began Arts for Healing work for people with developmental disabilities, collaborating with Dutchess ARC, as well as specialized populations such as war veterans.  Each Arts for Healing workshop we run is specifically designed to meet the needs of the population being served.  If you would like to speak with us about Arts for Healing, please call 845.471.7477 or