You can change a life through the arts

Our arts-based programs reach thousands of youth, adults, and families each year throughout the region by:

  • providing more than $32,000 in scholarships for young children and teens from economically disadvantaged families to attend our award-winning Dutchess Arts Camps and nationally-recognized Art Institute;
  • employing teens from low-income families facing multiple barriers to develop job and life skills through our summer youth employment training program;
  • mentoring under-served Latino youth, while providing academic enrichment, leadership and community service through our year-round Habilidad program;
  • addressing the emotional needs of children with chronic illnesses, youth living in residential foster care, seniors with memory loss, and adults with developmental disabilities through expressive arts therapy workshops.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today. Your contribution makes a difference in the lives of those in greatest need.

“When I was younger, I thought there was no future for me. Parents always tell you that you can do anything, but as a child, once you realize the environment you’re in, reality sets in. My reality was that I was going to either sell drugs, or be with a man that sold drugs and could provide for me, be another one dead on the streets or in jail. That’s was what was real for me. Then I joined Mill Street Loft, and through the program and the arts they helped me achieve a dream and most importantly a future.”
— Imani, Art Institute Alumna

We are proud to report Imani graduated from high school, earned a full merit-based scholarship to Maine College of Art and is now studying to be a social art activist, so that one day she can help students like herself. Support from donors like you helped change Imani’s life.

“John”, age 9, experienced prolonged exposure to stress as the result of his father’s critical condition from a car accident. “John’s” mother, unable to afford tuition, contacted us seeking a scholarship for her son to attend Dutchess Arts Camp. We were there to help “John” experience a fun-filled summer of friends, nature and art! After camp the family reported how happy they were to see “John” smile again, build confidence and express his emotions through the arts. Thanks to community members like you, scholarships to summer camps, institutes and art courses are available for local children like “John” who would not otherwise be able to afford these life-changing opportunities.

In 2016, our Arts for Healing programs assisted over 300 children and their families coping with chronic illness, at-risk youth in residential foster care, seniors with memory loss and mobility issues, adults with developmental disabilities, women who are living with a diagnosis of breast and ovarian cancer and individuals who are facing life limiting illnesses of themselves or a loved one. Our workshops use creative arts therapy activities to address emotional needs and foster self-expression of the most vulnerable populations leading to improved lives.

Your gift at any level to our Annual Appeal helps us continue providing a wide range of creative, educational and culturally-enriching programs. Thank you for working with us to change lives through the arts.

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