Forge Media

Forge Media is Mill Street Loft + Spark Media Project’s Production House Apprenticeship Program, the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley. Forge employs advanced Spark youth apprentices to work alongside experienced producers in creating high quality, unique media products for businesses and organizations. Youth gain client-based work experience, further develop their filmmaking skills using professional-level equipment and technology, and build both their portfolios and professional relationships.

Forge specializes in cost-effective, professional media to meet the unique needs of businesses, schools, agencies, and organizations. An award-winning production house, Forge has been creating media for 20 years, as Children’s Media Project. Our hallmark is our ability to work closely and collaboratively with clients to deliver high quality productions in imaginative and engaging ways.

Our spectrum of work ranges from 30-second television ads to independent film projects, animations, and documentaries, as well as original music, radio spots, educational textbooks, and interactive multimedia curriculum.

All proceeds from Forge go towards paying youth apprentices a competitive wage for the work they do. Competition in the world of media is tough, and opportunities for emerging filmmakers can be hard to come by. Forge provides youth with those opportunities, giving them an edge as they continue down the path towards becoming media industry leaders.

By hiring Forge Media for your next production, you’re making an investment in our community, and the young people that will brighten its future.

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If you are interested in hiring Forge Media for your production, call our office at 845.471.7477, or email Kyle Bahl, Forge Media’s Head of Production, at